Chartink Premium Hands-On Review: Is It Worth It?

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Chartink is a powerful all-in-one stock market screener with a great collection of stock scanners, filters, and analysis tools for real-time monitoring of stocks for intraday trades as well as a detailed post-market analysis of stocks for swing trades.

The platform hosts many pre-formulated filters that work on a different set of formulas (either preset or custom) to scan the stocks in the live market and bring you the desired ones for planning your trades, especially intraday and swing trades.

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The best part about Chartink, as you can see, is that the filters are customizable. That is, apart from modifying the existing formulas, you can also design your own from scratch based on your experience in trading and build customized filters to make sure you timely catch particular movements that match your trading style and setups.

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My Views at a Glance

Who Would Require Chartink Premium? – Intraday Traders in Stocks and Stock Options.
To Whom a Free Plan Would Be Enough? – Swing Traders, and Short-and-Long-term Investors.

Chartink: The Main Attractions

  • An All-in-One Stock Market Screener.
  • Perfect for Screening Stocks In Real-Time.
  • Hundreds of Pre-Designed Stock Screeners.
  • Highly Customizable and Flexible Filters.
  • Personalized Stock Screening Facility.
  • Live Notifications and Alerts.
  • Affordable Premium Plans.
  • Filters for Fundamental and Technical Analyses
  • An Easy-to-Use and Smooth Interface.
  • Charts with All Essential Indicators.

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As a premium user of Chartink for a long time in designing and planning my intraday as well as swing trades, I would like to walk you through all its features in a detailed Chartink review here. Stay tuned if you are excited to know more about Chartink and its wise application in your trades, especially intraday and swing trades.

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What is the Chartink Screener?

Chartink Review - What is Chartink Stock Screener
A View the Intraday Traders Desk on Chartink Atlas

Chartink is an incredibly powerful stock screener that allows traders and investors to filter stocks based on a specific set of formulas by considering some important criteria like price, indicators, ranges, market capitalization, earnings, volume, and more.

More specifically, Chartink enables users to define and personalize their stock screening yardsticks to easily identify stocks that match their trading and investment setups, thanks to its highly flexible formula-based filters that anybody with decent knowledge of the essential stock market indicators can build in simple steps.

As you will be able to screen the stocks in the live market, Chartink is known to be one of the best stock screeners for intraday traders, especially those who trade in equities and stock options.

Chartink vs. Regular Stock Screeners

You might be wondering how Chartink is different from a crowd of regular stock market screeners; see, for example, Screener and Trendlyne.

The story is simple. Chartink is more of a momentum filter than a screener, I think.

The key purpose, as elucidated above in this article, is to let you find the live stock price movements in the market based on technical indicators like RSI, divergence, MACD, breakouts, price action, or whatever you choose to include in your custom formulas.

At the same time, Chartink also hosts a decent screener that lets you study stock and index performance based on all the fundamental stuff, though.

That is why I call it an all-in-one stock market screener, or better, a scanner.

Chartink Hands-On Review

Chartink Hands-On Review
The Chartink Home Page

If you are an intraday or short-term (swing) trader, especially a beginner, you will find it hard to identify the best stocks for a day’s trade. You will be required to spend hours in front of trading terminals or charting platforms searching for the best stocks, reviewing the latest and related news, and analyzing sentiments to shortlist a bunch of stocks.

Even though, in the live market the next day, you will have to wait for your setups to evolve in the price patterns of the selected stocks to decide whether to plan a trade or not.

It is here that you are lucky enough to have a tool that is capable of giving you live signals of stock movements, corresponding to a set of personalized formulas that you would otherwise plot manually for individual stocks, stocks in a sector, or indices.

It is here that Chartink will be quite helpful for you. It is an incredible live market screener that helps you identify all the important movements in stock prices, thanks to the wise usage of either prebuilt or custom filters.

Chartink will enable you to easily track down the best stocks under different filters that run with an assortment of technical and fundamental analysis tools.

How Does Chartink Work?

Well, with a simple example of a popular Chartink filter, I can show you how the platform works.

If you want to review the best breakout stocks for the last 15 minutes at a particular point in time in the live market, you can just go for the “15-minute stock breakouts” scan on Chartink to find all the performers in a matter of time.

Chartink Top Trending Scans

As you run this filter, you get the below results, where you have all the stocks that made a breakout during the last 15 minutes.

This is one of my favorite Chartink screeners. I use it regularly to design my intraday trades in both stock options and equities.

You have a wide range of similar filters on Chartink to choose from.

Chartink 15 Minute breakout results

The interesting thing, as stated above, is that you can edit or customize those filters (formulas) to fine-tune and personalize your scans and enjoy better results as per your setups and strategies for the day.

Why Chartink Premium?

The best part is that, for premium users, the scan result is available with no delay, while it is around 8 minutes delayed for free users.

For paid users, real-time alerts and notifications of stock movements are also available. You can also create alerts to run the scans in lower time frames, like 1/2/3/5/10/15/30, and get notifications on your mobile, desktop, SMS, email, and more.

What’s more, premium users can also set up their dashboard on the platform and keep watching the stocks that match their setups and systems.

Chartink Atlas

Chartink Atlas is simply a one-stop destination where you can have a “hawk’s eye view of the markets,” as it lets you have a complete view of the market in a single go with auto-updates for premium users.

Fine, you can turn on the auto-refresh feature of each scan and enjoy undelayed updates of the market movements in a single place.

Chartink Atlas Dashboard

This place lets you personalize scan result columns, track market trends, and watch multiple scans in a single go. You can also create your dashboard and set up your formulas with custom scans and charts to apply your strategies to trading easily.

Chartink Screener for Intraday Trading

Chartink Premium Plans and Prices

With Chartink’s premium plan, you get access to a lot of extra features on the screener.

First things first, the premium plan simply enables you to get real-time notifications on your mobile, SMS, and email for breakouts and other big market moves.

You also get 1/2/3 minute real-time scans and alerts.

Further, as mentioned above, you can customize scan result columns and build your scanning setups in the premium only.

It will be fine for all types of users to manage easily, as it requires no coding, but to set formulas as part of making your filters, you need to have a decent awareness of all the important indicators, chart patterns, price actions, and more.

Chartink Premium Plans and Prices

The premium plan also helps you simultaneously run a screener across different watchlists.

Chartink has only a single premium plan, which costs you Rs. 780 per month and Rs. 8500 per year. You can make the yearly payment in EMIs, and the monthly plan can be used as a trial to check how it works, as there is no free entry for trials.

Notice: The Chartink price was recorded in October 2023. It may change, and you will find updated prices when you check back later.  

Is Chartink Premium Worth It?

So the biggest question is here. Is the Chartink premium worth it? I will say a confirmed yes, for sure. It is worth it because you get an incredible live-market screener, especially when you are a serious intraday trader or a beginner trader.

Chartink can save a lot of time for all types of traders and market analysts.

With Chartink open in a browser tab, you no longer need to spend hours scouring the trading terminal, charting platforms, and many other resources when it comes to identifying stock price movements and analyzing important fundamental and technical signals.

Everything is in front of you. If you just want to discover some stocks with a particular movement or chart pattern like a 15-minute bullish harami, daily morning shooting star, a 15-minute breakout, a 52-week high, a 52-week low, or anything else, you can just find the suitable filter and go for a scan.

Of course, all these filters are available in the free version; then why a premium plan? That makes a difference. That is the delay. As you know, identifying a move at the right time is very critical in day-based trades.

So with the premium plan, the delay is minimal. You get the information as early as possible, letting you plan your trades rather smoothly and smartly, but for swing or short-term traders, I don’t think Chartink Premium is necessary.

The Reasons Why Chartink Premium Is Worth It

The Reasons Why Chartink Premium is Worth Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chartink Free?

You can access Chartink for free, but you need to be a premium user to access some premium features like minimally delayed data and real-time notifications. The free version has a delay of around eight minutes in updating the data, while the premium version has a minimal delay of around two minutes.

What is Chartink Meant for? 

Chartink is simply meant to help you find out the stock movements in the real market. During market hours, you can run any of the filters available on Chartink with a specific formula to find the matching stock movements. It also has several filters and screeners for fundamental and technical analysis of the overall market, including index performance, sector status, and more.

Is Chartink Premium any Good?

I believe so. As an intraday trader, I think the premium plan on Chartink is worth the cost, which is around INR 750. The only reason is the minimal delay in receiving the data. As early as I get the information, the smoother I can make decisions in intraday trades.