Trinkerr Paper Trading Platform Review

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In my series of paper trading articles, I would like to introduce you to an amazing virtual trading platform here. That is Trinkerr, a known social trading platform that you can use for paper trading in futures and options (F&O) and investing in equities via your broker.

Trinkerr is one of my favorite paper trading platforms in the Indian stock market, thanks to its enhanced user-friendliness, simple interface, easy-to-understand strategy builder, and top-rated options strategy stimulator.

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In this Trinkerr review, I would like to have a detailed look at the features and specialties of the platform. It will give you a clear insight into how to use Trinkerr to master the market by practicing trades with virtual money and not putting your real money at risk.

Warning: I am not a professional trader or financial advisor of any kind. Only a retailer trader with a passion for writing and blogging. My writings on this blog and other connected platforms are meant for educational purposes only. Learn more here. Make sure you base your decisions solely on your convictions and studies. 

Why Trinkerr?

As there is a crowd of paper trading platforms and setups in India, the question of why Trinkerr makes sense. To me, the answer is clear and straightforward.

There are a lot of reasons why Trinkerr is an incredible choice for beginners to learn the stock market dynamics and trading basics.

First things first, Trinkerr is a very user-friendly platform for paper trading.

You can simply access Trinkerr’s website or app and start your trading or investment journey as quickly as it is, and it is quite effortless as well, as there are no complex setups at all.

The Main Attractions

  • A Smooth and Quick-to-Access Paper Trading Interface.
  • Minimal Delay of Just Around 1 Minute in Data Updates 
  • Completely Free to Use for All (As of February 2024) 
  • A Decent Amount of Virtual Capital for Paper Trading. 
  • Easy-to-Use Options Strategy Simulator. 
  • F&O Trading in Five Top Indices 
  • A Social Trading Platform. 
  • Equity-Buying Facility Connected to Your Broker. 

Check Out Trinkerr Here

You can quickly move into the strategy builder page and place your virtual trades across five different indices, which include Nifty 50, Nifty Bank, and Finnifty. The interface and strategy builder window are super comfortable for a novice to start with.

The pre-designed, ready-to-go strategies help a beginner plan a trade in no time. And if you are even more beginner, there is an option: you can just share your view of the market for a trading day and get suitable strategies at your disposal in a matter of time.

Above all, a full-fledged options stimulator is another lovely attraction. It enables you to backtest the strategies based on the data from the previous days of the market.


So, if you are a serious learner, Trinkerr can be amazingly helpful for you to thoroughly master the market with a good insight into how things work in the market before venturing to invest your hard-earned money in trades, especially in the F&O segment.

Apart from the paper trading in F&Os, you can also buy equities directly from Trinkerr.

By connecting your real broker to the platform, you not only get an option for direct orders but also an in-house market analysis setup to monitor the overall indices and stock performances before placing an order via the connected broker.

That means Trinkerr perfectly acts like an all-in-one solution for all your trading as well as investment requirements.

A Social Trading Platform

What makes Trinkerr different from many other paper trading platforms in India is that it is a social trading platform.

As you might know, a social trading platform is a way you can connect with fellow traders and share ideas, tips, and strategies with each other.

FrontPage is another leading social trading platform in India with more activity, but Trinkerr’s social trading setup doesn’t look to be that active.

And to be frank, I couldn’t even see how to personally post a thread there, and I could only see some news alerts and market updates from some regular posters.

Trinkerr Social Trading Platform

Yes, I see that I can interact with the existing threads with likes, shares, comments, and even reposts, but there is no way to self-post as of this writing in the second week of February 2024.

Well, if you know how to share my posts on Trinkerr’s social trading platform, let me know in the comments, by the way.

Trinkerr Simulator

Trinkerr Simulator

This is the backtesting facility on Trinkerr. This is where you can backtest your strategies in the Nifty and Bank Nifty against the data from the previous market days.

When it comes to the backtesting facility, Trinkerr looks to be one of the coolest options with its highly user-friendly interface and smooth functioning. Compared to the same on Opstra and other platforms, Trinkerr certainly has a very easy way for you to manage your backtesting efforts.

You can just choose the desired date to get the option chain updated, select a market sentiment, and go for one of the recommended prebuilt strategies to test the trade. All this can be done with ease in a few simple steps.

Let’s see how a bear call spread strategy worked in my backtesting of Trinkker’s simulator tool.

For the testing, I chose a bearish trading day (the day before writing this article) by picking an auto-run time frame of 15 minutes for monitoring the trade.

Check out the video below to see how the backtesting trade went.


As you can see in the video, I bought 10 lots of each call leg (21850 and 22050). The capital I required to spend on the trade was 3.15 lakhs; the maximum profit I could pocket was around 40K; and the loss that I could run into was 60K.

As the market recorded a slide-down afternoon, my bear call spread was a success, and I could enjoy a profit of around 16K.

Trinkerr Investment

This is the investment window on Trinkerr. As said above, you can link your broker to Trinkerr and place direct orders for buying and selling equities.

As long as you can watch the live market movements and track all stock-related information on Trinkerr, you don’t need to leave the platform for any other screeners to get an overall outlook and make a study.

Likewise, you can also watch the stock’s performances on Trinkerr, which negates the need to stay logged into the broker’s interface for a live analysis.

Warning: I haven’t personally tested Trinkerr’s investment feature, as I feel happy keeping and monitoring my investments on Zerodha. If you are a first-time user, make sure you take all the required precautions while using the platform for investment purposes.

Trinkerr Learning

Finally, Trinkerr features a learning session on its platform.

It is designed to offer courses and conduct quizzes related to the stock market to put the knowledge of the users to the test.

As I had a look at the learning tab on the platform, I could only see a few sidebar links to the YouTube teaching videos, apart from a couple of stock market quizzes.

Yes, I see that Trinkerr doesn’t have a lot of significant and serious learning resources over there.

I attended one of the quizzes, and it was on the topic of Support and Resistance with only five questions. See the video of me taking part in the quiz.